Open Hands, Open Hearts

Dedicated to U. Gary and A. Doris by Tikva and Susan Gary Walters in Santa Barbara, CA, Nov 1, 2017

There once was a boy, a missionary kid, He loved science and physics and read all he could He grew up to explore new sites; calculating orbits, and launching satellites His heart... steady after God

And there was a girl, who saw beauty in life She loved choir, piano and walking to the lake She grew up to make handbells play; sketch the world around her and mold it in clay Her heart... steady after God

Big windows by the table where we sat (a dictionary) Two cars, three canoes, and a kayak (Seneca Creek) A cozy hearth; they built a home

It was open hands and it was open hearts Welcoming all who came through their red front door At the end of the woodsy lane, up the steps by the oak tree swing Sojourners from near and far, everybody found a welcome.

He spent hours working at his desk But he'd stop to fix the chain of a broken necklace She made a home, prepared and served meals; gentle and patient through all our ordeals Their hearts steady after God.